I want to be respectful of copyrights, so I'm not presenting pictures on this site. Each link below, however, will take you to a cool photo.

Louis, Peter Davis, and the Colored Waif's Home "Brass Band of Note", ca. 1913
Louis, his mother and sister, ca. 1918
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band: LA in foreground, with soprano trombone; Lil Hardin, future wife, at the piano; King Oliver with cornet, standing in rear. Other musicians: Baby Dodds, drums; Honore Dutrey, trombone; Bill Johnson, banjo; Johnny Dodds, clarinet
Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five, 1925: LA at piano, Johnny St. Cyr, banjo; Johnny Dodds; Kid Ory, trombone; Lil Hardin
Jack Teagarden, the Armstrong of trombonists
Louis, the young star
The House That Lucille Bought
The original All Stars, 1947
Ambassador Satch and Lucille; unnamed, noseless woman in background